AUO Transitions Into AUM

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AUO the Problem Solver

AUO as it continues to create more and more NPMR type Virtual Realities can be expected to encounter a major problem of communication as was automatically resolved in the initial creation of AUO with the simultaneous creation of the then proto IUOCs and the proto RWW. This is also an instance of the previously noted tendency to do something very successful over many times with variations on the theme to provide scope for the Evolutionary Principle to guide continuing development in the most profitable directions. The problem anticipated from our viewpoint would be that as more and more NPMRs are created with the additional communication traffic upon the RWW, there would come a conflict between the communication bandwidth required by AUO itself for its own internal functioning and the communication bandwidth required for the new IUOCs within the many NPMRs. Previously the problem was that only local communication could exist because of 'line of sight' type transmission problems from our PMR viewpoint. This was resolved by the development of the RWW allowing communication within the full scope of AUO and essentially uniting and in a sense creating all of AUO. In this case the problem is the reverse in that the wide scope communication is beginning to tax the capacity of the RWW or perhaps it was only anticipated and solved in advance of a problem arising. In any case, we now begin to see further development of NPMRs being localized by a new development in the continuing growth of NPMRs within AUO.

AUO Deliberately Transforms into AUM

The Absolute Unbounded Oneness or AUO begins to deliberately transform itself into the Absolute Unbounded Manifold. To keep communications for the vast number of NPMR type VRs being created on a more local level with shorter communication paths, AUO subdivides itself into a Manifold where each Manifold segment contains locally self contained NPMRs communicating through TBC communication hubs. This keeps communication on a relatively local basis with resulting shorter paths and transmission times and thus either solves or prevents the development of bandwidth problems for the RWW. This allows normal communication of The One Consciousness to continue throughout the Manifold without interference from the increasing traffic of NPMRs.

There is no evidence that The One Consciousness subdivided itself into multiple Consciousnesses or considered doing so. The existence of the vast number of IUOCs that are now participating in consciousness within NPMRs means that it is not of value to do so and reduce potential functionality of the Whole. A better solution has already been devised. The transformation to the Manifold simply represents a communication strategy to maximize bandwidth capacity available for the heavy traffic of IUOCs communicating over all of the NPMR systems through the RWW.

This possibly represents the invention of Fractals by AUO in this transition to AUM as AUM is known to present a fractal organization to the explorer. Fractals, as for the basic CS as a CA represents another instance of a simple rule set that is reiterated to produce highly complex results. Fractals, whether newly invented or already a known concept, will continue to appear in future developments at all scales.

These developments and behaviors described here appear to be all logical adaptations to the limitations of the reality within which AUO found itself, leading AUO to develop into AUM. We do not know of the 'thought processes' that were involved nor of any experiments carried out and the results no longer remaining. As the greatest conscious intelligence that can exist within this reality of Consciousness Space, perhaps the required developments were instantly obvious to AUO. AUO has been going through a long period in terms of CS state cycles by this time and we have no way now to truly judge its capabilities at that time. It has basically occupied an environment with limitations and attributes that would appear to be relatively bleak at best by our PMR human standards. Consider existence long term in a sensory deprivation tank. It now is fully entered upon an environment with the potential for conflict and multiple points of view all interacting and producing considerable richness, even to our limited observation and considering that it is still a considerable number of state cycles before developments that can lead to our 'existence' as participants in a PMR can exist. This environment is fully open to its observation, even if it chooses to not participate in the developments but to simply remain an experimental observer guiding future activities based upon the most fruitful paths opened up as determined by the Evolutionary Principle.

Next Step, an Even More Powerful Virtual Reality

As the next stage of development, AUM will be described as creating the PMR type of VR. The next benchmark in development.

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