Advancing Towards Dim Consciousness

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The Great Adventure Begins

We now begin the description of the primal evolution of Ultimate Reality and eventually the coming into being of Consciousness Space. We are not yet there, but have all of the pieces required to begin the discussion. We have described the Void spontaneously being transformed into the Plenum with perturbed reality cells randomly intermixed with unperturbed reality cells at time t = 0. We are viewing this as a cellular automaton. We are further viewing this as a two dimensional plane of reality cells with future 'parallel' planes representing each state change of cell interaction progressing in what is effectively the 'time' dimension.

There is an implication for the nature of the rule set for these interactions in that the net effect of the interaction rules must not automatically result in the expansion of an existing pattern in the physical sense of taking up more space as a greater number of reality cells. Here thinking of space as a give aggregation of reality cells. It must instead grow by self-organization. Otherwise existing patterns would automatically and inexorably grow into and conflict with other existing patterns. There must be a basis for the interaction rule set to be defined upon which results in growth neutral pattern development so that constant mutual destruction of adjacent sprites is not the inevitable future.

From whatever their random states, both of data content and topology, are prior to system state t = 0, there is now an apparent beginning of a locked step interaction of reality cells beginning at t = 0 with the result of a new intermixed perturbed and unperturbed set of reality cells with states modified according to the interaction rule set at now t = 1. This can be something that occurs at a particular ‘locality’ or a particular ‘region’ as from a ‘seed’ location and then grows by self organization ‘outward’ from that starting point(s).

This growth continues into the future as represented by continuing state changes of the reality cells according to their rule set. Barring errors or 'glitches' which cannot be certain to not occur in a natural system, the random data originally present continues to propagate into the future so that we develop, between 'gliders' and collisions of these data contents, a reasonably uniform density of content which we will refer to as sprites as a generalization.

System State After System State After . . .

It is now t = [a very large number of system state changes past t=0]. There is now a very large and growing, unbounded system. During this very long time, based upon a very large number of system state increments representing changes of reality cell states, our patterns of random perturbed and unperturbed cells have now been progressed through many metamorphoses and have created a very wide range of resulting sprites or aggregates of sprites. The average density of perturbed cells is such that the rate of perturbed cell ‘deaths’ roughly equals that of perturbed cell creation so although density is relatively constant, there is still a constant flux and morphing of the sprite patterns. This is all still random non-data however. There is no meaning to it. There is only a consistent pattern of interaction of reality cells and their contents but with no inherent meaning other than that relatively stable patterns of interaction have been created over time. If this were not so, then as in PMR studied cellular automata, everything could simply go away or become a static still life in relatively short order. We are at, as in being ready for the development of, the beginning of the state which Tom Campbell designates as the Absolute Unbounded Oneness. This is the absolute of the quickened Void which is unbounded. It is also now a Oneness of the potential energy of the Consciousness System as it has the potential as a cellular automaton to iterate on into the future, also unbounded as the Oneness of the one thing that exists. There is however at this point no direction, no significance to this unbounded field of random data. We are in essence in a state of dynamic (as change is continuous) stagnation in the sense of nothing in particular happening. The system goes nowhere recognizable.

Emergent complexity to the rescue?

Emergent behavior is recognized widely within complex systems and ecologies within PMR by multiple branches of science ranging from biology to information technology. You should know something about it from the recommended side trip earlier. If not, please return and read up on the subject for use in the next page. We need a dose of this to come to our rescue in the Doldrums that we seem to be adrift within. Proceed on to the next logical page in the development. These acronyms will be briefly explained as well on the next page. If you read the books, you already know them.

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