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(Note: This category and page is currently being created and edited. It is incomplete.)

What are you, really? Who are you? As Robert Monroe once said, "You are much more than your Physical body."

What we really are... is Consciousness.

This Category contains pages addressing how to potentially optimize and increase the rate of your own spiritual growth and evolution. The growth and evolution (in the direction of lower entropy) of our consciousness towards Love is our prime and overarching purpose for being here. Therefore, every decision that you make and every action that you perform should be directed with that supreme goal in mind -- to grow and evolve towards Love. Eliminate fear and ego and move towards Love.

Everything that we may think, do and accomplish in PMR is of no real importance or significance -- except as to how it affects the quality of our consciousness. How it changes who we really are.

A side benefit of doing what the Larger Consciousness System wants you to regard as the prime purpose of your existence is that doing so with dedication and intent will not only evolve and lower the entropy of your consciousness, but will also improve your current PMR life in every way. In addition, it will also definitely increase your abilities to explore other Realities. (See also, Category:Experiencing the Larger Reality)

Subtopics in this Category are listed below, with a brief explanation of what you will find there:

Personal Evolution and Growth -- Big Picture Truth : Defines "Big Picture Truth" and how important this knowledge is to our own personal evolution and growth. Discusses ways to gain "Big Picture Truth".

Personal Evolution and Growth -- Quality of Consciousness : Defines "Quality of Consciousness" and how EVERYTHING depends upon the quality of consciousness of the individual -- and of the individuals making up groups and organizations. Quality of Consciousness is the fundamental property defining what a Reality will be like.

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