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Your personal decision space represents a finite set of discrete possibilities available to be chosen by your free will. They accurately characterize your accumulated Quality of Consciousness.[MBT Trilogy 1]

Some PMR examples: When you buy a house, you are limited to buy one you can afford. When you choose a job, it must be chosen from the limited set of options that are available at the time of your choosing. Many things limit our decision space [the set of all the decisions we can make (options we can take) at any given time]. Having free will does not mean that you are the master of the universe, it only means that you are free to choose from the set of choices (options) that are available to you at the time -- i.e., you must choose within the limits of your decision space.

Many things can limit or enhance the size of our decision space -- such as the variables of ego, fear, belief, experience, knowledge, understanding and the amount of effort we put in to discovering our available options.[MBT Forum 1]

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