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The Fundamental Process of evolution is one of the two assumptions put forth in MBT to build a model of reality. [MBT Trilogy 1] It is the repetitive pattern of trial and error, of spontaneous change and choice, of random events and encouraged behavior that enables evolution to result in progress. [MBT Trilogy 2]

An entity (a bounded interactive system) interacts with its internal and external environments, and is constrained by what those environments will encourage or discourage. These constraints are the source of the evolutionary pressure that pushes every evolving entity forward. Every entity is pressured to evolve.

Note that this concept is a more general view of evolution when compared to evolutionary biology. Consciousness primarily evolves by responding to internal pressures, while simple biological systems primarily evolve by responding to external pressures. Internal and external evolutionary pressures may interact with, and influence, each other.[MBT Trilogy 3]

Individual entities group into interdependent and interactive entities which evolve as a larger system, entity, or (in the case of a biological example) ecosystem. From the largest level of organization, we are all interrelated and evolve together.

Towards Greater Complexity

The internal pressures guide consciousness to evolve towards greater complexity. Real, finite, self-modifying and large systems can not stay in equilibrium for a long period of time. The choice is to either evolve towards greater complexity, or to de-evolve towards randomness and chaos.[MBT Forums 1]

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