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Fear, as a product of Intent, represents a state or condition of consciousness. At the deepest level, fear is generated by ignorance within a consciousness of low quality. Fear and high entropy are mutually supportive - one creates and encourages the other. [MBT Trilogy 1]

Fear is like mind-cancer; it is a disease of consciousness, a dysfunctional condition of ignorance trapped within a little picture. Fear is expressed by a high entropy intent driving action that reflects neither understanding nor vision. Like a biological cancer, fear is debilitating and destructive of the system in which it grows. [MBT Trilogy 2]

Fear and Biological Preservation

There are more dimensions to fear than preservation. The fears of being inadequate, unlovable, ineffective, not special, not significant, or wrong are a few ego based fears that have little to do with preservation. The fear of uncertainty, like the fear of not being in control, can be, but does not have to be, about preservation. If one tries to force fit all fear to the preservation model one can find a thread of preservation running through all of them but preservation is not the key element. Fear, at its fundamental level, is not so much of a response as it is a condition of high entropy consciousness. The response bubbles up to the surface as an expression of high entropy consciousness and is rationalized within the physical framework on the basis of preservation and ego -- but the source runs deeper than PMR. Preservation and ego describe expressions of fear not the origins of fear. [MBT Forum 1]

How to Get Rid of Fear

One way to eliminate fear is through courage. If you can accept the possibility of the worst outcome for what you are afraid of, it will help you overcome the fear.

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