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We will begin with the simplifying concept that intent (with a lower case i) will be our nomenclature for “normal, little picture, sense”, for the motive force of the individual at the intellectual level and that Intent (with an upper case I, as the big picture sense) is the motive force of the individual at the being level. This effectively adopts the convention as developed on the My Big TOE Bulletin Board to clarify the usage.

Purpose carries the connotation of a goal, an objective, a specific result. Intent may have these characteristics but does not have to. Intent may have no specific purpose; it may be just the active expression of a being. Likewise, Intent can be determined but does not have to be.

Intent is not a command, it is not demanding, though it can arrange reality to its will. Will (as in: "will power", or the expression of "free will") is often the best synonym for Intent but "will" has other connotations that express "desire" or "want" and Intent is not simply desire or want.

Intent, as used in MBT, is composed of several interrelated concepts. It is how one interfaces, communicates, and interacts with other individuals or with the consciousness system. It is the vehicle or mechanism for expression of a consciousness at the being level; thus it is the most fundamental expression of the ability, capacity and quality of an individual consciousness in its interaction with others. It does express an individual's attitude, will and motivation (relative to interaction with others) at the being level.

You, at the dynamic interactive being level, are your Intent. Your intent is the dynamic expression of you (your consciousness) that connects and interacts with whatever is beyond or outside of you (the larger consciousness system). In other words, your Intent is the essence of you that interacts with all that is not you.

It is your Intent that "moves data" in the consciousness system - i.e., that interacts, exchanges, and modifies information within the larger information system.

Intent is not a simple concept in MBT. It is the active personal projection of an IUOC at the being level (as opposed to the intellectual level) into the information field of existence (focused mental energy is one metaphor for that). I do not think you will find a single word in any language that captures all that Intent is. That is why MBT is 900 pages rather than 200 pages - English, like every current PMR language, was developed to express things related to physical existence and is not very good at precisely and clearly expressing concepts of consciousness and existence in terms of a nonphysical interactive information fields. So I used lots and lots of words coming together from different angles to get my meaning across. Intent, as it is used in MBT, is difficult to express in any language succinctly but hopefully most readers get a good sense of it, even if they cannot clearly define it (because their language does not support a clear definition). [MBT Forum 1]

Intent Versus Action

It is intent that leads to growth, not action. Why? Because any action can be taken for multiple reasons -- i.e., multiple motivations or multiple intents.

For example, one may do good works (be helpful to others) for reasons of ego -- guilt, self-righteousness, out of obligation, being afraid not to, want to look good in others eyes, because they think it is required or expected or they believe it is a way to earn a reward they wish to claim (heaven, lower entropy, money, gratitude, the appreciation and praise of others, etc.). These are all about the doer -- what the doer gets for doing good works, and thus are ego based. Such good works motivated by the intent of ego create no personal growth, however helpful they may be. Doing anything motivated by love, by caring for another (all about the other, not about the self) will reduce one's entropy no matter how small the act. Personal growth is not generated by action, but by intent. Personal growth may or may not follow good action but, when it does, it is not the action that pushes consciousness quality forward -- it is the intent behind the action.

The act of choosing -- making more productive higher quality choices should be a reflection of the fact of BEING a better higher quality person, not just acting like one because you think that is a good thing to do. The quality of a being is expressed directly by its intent -- the intent of the being is expressed by the choices it makes. The flow is from quality to choices. [MBT Forum 2] One may obey the law because one is afraid of being caught or because one's personal quality would require it whether there was a law or not. Same obedience, different motivations. [MBT Forum 3]

There is no lasting value to the actions taken in PMR except as they represent intent/being/quality accumulating in the big picture. [MBT Forum 4]

Evolving the Quality of Your Consciousness

In the MBT model of reality, the mechanics by which that happens - a probable future database progressing to actualized and unactualized history databases by the application of free will intent operating in the present moment - defines the process that leads to PMR time and causality.[MBT Forum 5] The PMR environment (including rule-sets and culture) present challenges that give you opportunities to apply intent and make choices that evolve the quality of your consciousness. [MBT Forum 6] Individuals have free will and must grow their being (raise the quality of their consciousness) as opposed to raising the quality of their intellect, knowledge or behaviour. It is about being -- evolving the quality of one's intent. [MBT Forum 7]

Intent, constrained by the individual’s QoC, chooses what is to be actualized from the possibilities that are available to that individual in the present moment. [MBT Forum 8] Being aware of what is entering our minds and consciously accepting or rejecting any thoughts, inclinations, or ideas found there is what our existence is all about. That is the process of our intent filtering the possibilities and making choices according to our quality. [MBT Forum 9]

Every intent put into action through free will choice has consequences. The feedback from the doing informs the quality of the being to modify its intent -- this is the bootstrap by which we pull ourselves up. [MBT Forum 10]You are the sum of your intent driven choices. When bad choices (increases entropy) follow poor intent you pay the price of de-evolution, failure to grow -- one way or another, now or later, these errors will generate problems for you. When good choices (decreases entropy) follow correct intent you reap the reward of evolving to a state of greater awareness and personal power, satisfaction, significance, and love -- one way or another, now or later, this growth will make your life more joyful and productive.[MBT Forum 11]

Further Discussion of Intent

Intent, just as everything else, is merely a symbol and whatever is said about it can only be a partial explanation because we are really attaching this symbol to a complex set of concepts rather than describing something with a fixed set of meanings, defined by rigid and clear relationships and bounded by a clearly delimited ‘box’. If there are any of these just mentioned concepts attached to Intent, it is not accessible to us at our level of being, here in PMR and speaking the English language with all of the conceptual limitations inherent to these conditions. Intent is not a delimited place within our digital being as an IUOC, comparable to the regions described by science and medicine as specifically related to some function such as our visual field within our Virtual Reality brains or within our VR bodies as an organ such as our heart. It is more like the concept of the “triple warmer” from traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture being one of the fields that use this idea, which does not relate to a single organ but to a function related to multiple organs. Nor is the content of our Intent a fixed set of concepts in fact. Our Intent is rather something that evolves over time as part of the development of our being, part of the goal and function of entropy reduction within The One. Concepts are added to our Intent and other concepts are removed or modified as we mature and develop our Intent. This changing is inherent to the purpose of our Intent. Intent is not related to memories of our past nor does it function like our memory does. And the symbol “Intent” is simply the chosen pointer to this functional part within our beings as it exists at the moment, however it exists. And as just stated, being part of the process of entropy reduction, clearly Intent changes with our development, becoming a more clearly understandable block of information as entropy is reduced. Less scattered within our beings perhaps and/or better internally linked and clearly associated within itself; more coherent, as we 'get our act together'.

Intent as a word is merely another one of those symbols. It is linked to and strongly associated with, and is in effect an aspect of Absolute Free Will. It is that aspect of the concept of free will that links and relates our individual Absolute Free Will to the rest of Ultimate Reality. Thus the reference to the outward pointing vector of Intent. It is the “why” of action based upon the “will” of Free Will. It is what invokes actions, what represents the real reason for and our expectation from an action and guides our free will choices internally. To a great and real extent, it is our selves, our base, as we interact with Ultimate Reality. It also, of logical necessity, is associated with our self concept as an inward pointing vector. Our identity, who we are and who and what we believe or understand ourselves to be. Intent includes our understanding of the reality of our being, not just here in PMR, or even in NPMR, but at our base existence level as we exist within Indra's Net/communicating over the Reality Wide Web. What we seek is a way to describe, to define, that part of us, that part of our total being that specifically represents who and what we really are and thus represents our understanding of all else that exists as external to our own selves as this must exist as a mutual reflexive perception. Ultimately however, this conceptualization and understanding must also include the knowledge that we are in the most fundamental manner, neither of these separate things but rather a unified whole.

Our Intent is effectively a so called black box function. We cannot access it, psychoanalyze it, psychologize it or otherwise get at or into its internal functioning. How it gets modified by our interactions and feedback is equally unclear as we have no access to the functional details to follow such interactions. Intent probably has more interactions within our being as digital IUOCs than just this described function which do provide the mechanism for this interaction/feedback process of our VR experiences to create modifications to its functioning. More input/output ports for other purposes. This is just a more technical metaphor for something which we cannot describe other than as metaphors. How the system fits together as a logical model and whole.

Compiled from writings by and discussions between Tom Campbell and Ted Vollers. Compiled by Ted Vollers

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