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Nonphysical-Matter Reality is defined to be everything other than PMR. It is the non-material (from the view of PMR) superset of PMR that contains its own unique properties, materials, and laws. Like PMR, NPMR can also be effectively and purposefully manipulated (is operationally viable) and is inhabited by beings that are sentient in it.

NPMR contains unique dimensions, material, and time that consistently and necessarily follows its own rules (physics). It exists independently of PMR and may contain numerous unique local realities as subsets.[MBT Trilogy 1]

These subsets are enumerated as one of the various NPMRn. For convenience, the NPMR subset that contains our PMR has been named to be NPMRN. Like PMR, the various NPMRn are also simulated VR's that are computed in their own calculation space (dimension).

Observations from Thomas Campbell as to how our reality systems are structured is graphically depicted below:

Figure 5.1: Reality Systems: The Big Picture - from the MBT Trilogy, page 654 of chapter 76, section 5. A Venn diagram of how our virtual realities are structured within consciousness-space.

The term "nonphysical" has been chosen to serve the largest amount of people with a minimum of confusion. Both PMR and NPMR are real physical places from the point of view of the consciousness beings that inhabit them. From within a given local reality (a specific dimension of AUM or TBC), everything within that reality appears physical while everything outside of that reality appears nonphysical. [MBT Trilogy 1]

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