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Our physical matter reality is the reality that your body lives in, and its properties, and laws (physics). PMR includes the material universe, galaxies, solar systems, planets, and everything known and unknown that materially exists within them. PMR can be effectively and purposefully manipulated (is operationally viable) and is inhabited by beings that are sentient in it.[MBT Trilogy 1]

PMR is a simulated VR that is computed in its own calculation space (dimension) within TBC. [MBT Trilogy 2] Our PMR is not the only one, there are many other PMRs grouped as PMRk within NPMRN. Our PMR (and many other physical matter realities among the available PMRk) uses the space-time construct within the EBC as a consciousness interface filter that defines the perception (experience) of PMR to participating FWAUs. PMRs are used as a high-intensity learning lab with rapid feedback for IUOCs that have a relatively low QoC.

PMR is described as such to differentiate it from NPMR, which is the non-material (from the view of PMR) super set of PMR. Observations from Thomas Campbell as to how our reality systems are structured is graphically depicted below:

Figure 5.1: Reality Systems: The Big Picture - from the MBT Trilogy, page 654 of chapter 76, section 5. A Venn diagram of how our virtual realities are structured within consciousness-space.

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