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We are, within this section, going to describe the initiation of major elements in the nature and functionality of Consciousness Space. These are stated as proto because they are prototypes of what will eventually exist and function in major ways. These are the Individuated Units of Consciousness and the Reality Wide Web. If you have read My Big TOE prior to this point, then you are familiar with these concepts. If you have not, for the moment note that the IUOCs will eventually become the source for you and 'me' and all conscious entities. The RWW is the communication bus that interconnects all IUOCs with each other and instrumentally with the existence of other concepts of functions that will eventually develop within Consciousness Space. Relate these two concepts taken together with the ancient metaphysical concept of Indra's Net.

We are going to discuss the development of significant features of the CS as emergent by the nature of complex digital or other types of complex systems in the process of self organization. These are terms as emergent and self organization from the PMR fields of pure mathematics and other applied fields as well. Fields of science where these pure mathematics based developments mentioned here are being influential include biology, environmental and ecological studies, physiology, sociology and physics. These concepts have also been applied to the study of economics and the development of markets and to the writing of software and the behavior of dynamic complex computing systems such as the Internet, computers interacting over the World Wide Web as they adapt to changing conditions. These studies are said to provide insight as to how technological innovation proceeds. They are also said to clarify understanding of a wide variety of natural phenomena in these listed fields where they have been applied. You should have run into these concepts in the preceding recommended side studies.

(Not Yet)A Functional Model of Consciousness

This section may be generally referenced to Book 2, Section 4, Chapter 57, Page 531 and following with the title and sub title of A Functional Model of Consciousness – After AUM Puddles, Evolution Cleans Up the Mess. We are not at this point in our development as yet but this is the description of the same process, a reiteration at a higher fractal level and later time of the process that we are working at describing at present. This is more properly for our current purposes a functional model of the development of consciousness at this point. We are describing what occurred within the LCS as it developed into and became the AUO without conscious intent based upon emergent properties of complex systems operating as an evolutionary process upon the primal energy of the reality cells that underlies and powers all of Consciousness Space with their interactions.

Tom Campbell subsumes these factors in the above section as included under the concept of evolution as we are considering an automaton, a thing of pure mathematics, as opposed to a biological or technological based system. At this point in his development of his model he postulated the development (or creation but there is not as yet the potential for willful action implied by the word creation) of “at least two artificially bounded and constrained subsets of itself” as AUO, the Absolute Unbounded Oneness. The nature of their artificial boundedness is not stated except that communication through it is possible on a 'purposeful' basis. Here we will state that it must eventually if not initially require an impenetrable barrier to perambulating sprites. They must be either deflected away or 'consumed' by the barrier. Such things are known to occur within cellular automata. Yet these bounded regions must include the further property of their boundary being penetrable at one area or by a sprite of a particular configuration as otherwise we have simply locked up some 'area' of AUO into an isolated region with no communication with the rest. If locked up areas proved to be the emergent property, then AUO would have reached a dead end in development instead of the true beginning of itself as AUO and the long march towards consciousness.

If penetrable at one area by any incoming sprite, then the included sprites within the bounded area must be capable of dealing with any incoming sprite. If this potential region design can add to its repertoire that incoming sprites are modified to a specific pattern and then retransmitted, we would have a very useful pattern of behavior. As the second potential pattern to be considered, if the barrier is impenetrable except for a specific configuration of incoming sprite, then we have the beginning of two significant things in the development of AUO. We have the beginning of pattern recognition or matching and we also have the beginning of the name and address of that proto IUOC. We have elementary pattern matching in that the one specific incoming sprite that will be passed is in effect recognizable by the proto IUOC. That sprite is in effect the name by which information sent out will be recognized and received by that proto IUOC. It is thus also the name under which data can be sent out with the intent that it reach that particular proto IUOC. In effect, its name or identification code.

As an emergent property creating self organization, both of the types of area that are described here will probably be generated and this creation process will continue on in a process of self organization of the primal potential energy field of the reality cells compromising CS as AUO. We have here as this page is titled the proto IUOCs spreading throughout the whole of Consciousness Space, making it truly into AUO as communication over the proto RWW has also been inaugurated. Previously, 'communication' as it existed was locally limited and consisted entirely in the local perambulations of sprites before they were intercepted by a collision. We now have vast numbers of proto IUOCs proliferating throughout the CS as AUO. All receiving 'data' selectively or transmitting it. The long, long trail is yet winding into the future as state follows state, but we are moving in the directions of brighter consciousness potential.

We have no way to know how many 'waves' of progressions in the various advances and alternate functioning as mentioned here are required to establish a uniform and optimally functioning configuration of proto IUOCs and 'messenger' sprites moving along the proto RWW there might have been in order to reach the final stable and fully functional configuration of the LCS. There might be a parallel existence of more than one way to functioning as this is simply unavailable to us. We have however probably said enough about this landmark in the development of CS and the long road to consciousness.

A Milestone has been Reached in the development of the Historical Perspective

At various places in this description of Tom Campbell's model of Reality, mention has been made of how Tom Campbell's model matches the historical development of the understanding of mystics and metaphysicians over the millenia. At this point we have reached a final milestone in the sense that this description above represents the last 'image' which has been described. Not that there will not be other milestones in this historical development as more functional parts of the LCS matching awareness and understandings within the historical record. But we have at this point described the Void, the quickened Void and Indra's Net as the proto IUOCs on the proto RWW. Other elements of the model matching the historical record will be mentioned when appropriate, but these are the last 'observable' elements. Not observable as we might observe a thing or action within PMR, but somehow with the assistance of the LCS, able to enter the awareness of ourselves as mystics or metaphysicians within PMR.

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