Proto IUOCs on the RWW

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Proto IUOCs on the Reality Wide Web

This title expresses where we must go next, not where we are at the moment. In order for the semi isolated areas of the CS plane of reality cells that we are considering to be proto IUOCs to develop, they must communicate. So the next milestone in development is for what we have potentially connecting them into our developing Absolute Unified Oneness is the creation of the true functionality of the RWW. This is the next logical step required just as previously the potential of the proto IUOCs and the proto RWW were what was required to unite the whole of the CS into one emergent pattern rather than having all potential 'communication' via perambulating sprites limited to what might be called, line of sight communication, putting it into common PMR terms. The pattern of semi isolated regions intercommunicating over a universal communication network is the logical way for all of the parts of the vastness of the CS to be connected to each other. Something must be given up in the way of immediacy of local contact with a time delay for travel distance and the numbers of cells that will go into the communication web of the RWW in order to gain the potential of interconnecting all of the balance of the vast totality of the CS that is not local.

Basic Requirements for a Reality Wide Web

One of the previous postulates was that the boundaries of the proto IUOCs either absorb and destroy any perambulating sprite coming into contact with it or that it deflect the sprite non destructively. This is probably a mutual property of the barrier and the perambulating sprite that comes to survive and populate the pathways open as the RWW. However many variations there are in the properties of the barriers and how ever many more variations in the perambulating sprites, the evolutionary principle will result in the destruction of those sprites which cannot survive within the available environment. Will there somehow come to exist two way travel? Will there come to exist more than one type of perambulating sprite. Apparently there must be at least two as we need at least that many to have a binary communication. If there are more than two types, they must all share the property that the rate of their process of perambulation must match. Otherwise, sprites of the 'slow' type will be destroyed by and along with the faster sprite that 'treads on its heels' to again use a common PMR concept.

This is another parameter that the potential data sprite for the RWW must meet, uniform speed of perambulation, as well as their being at least two types to represent the binary 0 and 1. Of course the 1 bit could be represented by a sprite and the 0 bit be represented by the absence of a sprite. This is not as certain a method of data representation unless the data channel is perfectly synchronous so that sprites representing a 1 bit in a data stream never close up and fill the gap that represented a 0 bit in the data stream. The very high potential for this occurrence leads us to expect that there comes to be both a 0 bit sprite and a 1 bit sprite. Another factor leading to the very high probability of the existence of both 0 bit sprites and 1 bit sprites with the necessary characteristics is that if one figuratively looks down onto the plane of the cellular automaton of the CS, there could very well be 'left hand' and 'right hand' versions of the same perambulating sprite which would inherently perambulate at the same rate through the reality cells. One sprite configuration in left and right hand versions would thus meet all of the parameters required to have a functional data stream with all sprites inherently perambulating at the same rate.

Whether there might be a potential for a third or more types of perambulating sprites that would be compatible with our postulated binary 0s and 1s sprites is moot. They may or may not exist. The logic encompassed within the cellular automaton of the reality cells of Consciousness Space need not exist beyond binary logic in order to accomplish all that we might choose to accomplish within this model. As it is a model and we have no way to observe the actuality of the field of reality cells of Consciousness Space, this represents a suitable stopping point in our speculative development. This is after all a speculative development process postulating behavior that can achieve the anticipated end point of a representation based upon PMR logic and observed properties of the discoveries of pure mathematics of our reality as observed around us and open to 'mental' exploration. This has been accomplished starting from the original two minimal postulates of Tom Campbell as Consciousness and Evolution. All based upon known or testable properties of cellular automata as known here to PMR science.

We Now Do Have Proto IUOCs on the RWW

We have accomplished the logical task of this page. Describing a logical pathway from a potential for the Reality Wide Web to exist onwards to the necessary actuality of the RWW. We have not only explained a potential path for that development but we have described the necessity of its existence in terms of creating communication capacity on a universal basis uniting all of AUO as a fully Unified Oneness as opposed to the prior limitation of communication potential to local regions only.

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