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Reviewing Where We Are

We have hopefully by now made it clear how the power of Consciousness Space functioning as a cellular automaton and emergent properties of complex systems almost automatically turned into the prototype of AUO. AUO then proceeded to become its true self and develop consciousness because it formed a meta reality, effectively functioning outside of the base Consciousness System within which the communicating proto IUOCs now have free will. Thus AUO, encompassing all of the proto IUOCs is now The One Consciousness. Now that it is conscious, beyond our comprehension of what that consciousness might be like, it begins to 'look around' and explore. What it has to explore is itself as we know of no outside connections to Joe down the block or uncle Charlie around the corner. What it does in detail, we do not know but can only speculate, other than by considering specific things that are continuing results.

Wiggling Fingers, Sucking on Toes

As a guess, thinking about human babies and their beginning explorations of the reality in which they find themselves, initial efforts are likely to go into figuring out what is what and where things are connected. What can one do with them? Effort will be put into trying to discover the extent of CS as AUO. It will probably be discovered that there are entirely closed off proto IUOCs that are simply isolated areas. Less functional proto IUOCs will be discovered and efforts will be made to upgrade them. In a general sense, an inventory of functionality will be carried out. Realization will be made that things could be improved and efforts made to do so. Eventually the discovery will be made of a lack, that there are boundaries and no one else to 'talk' to. A conscious entity in a situation like this of being 'boxed in' is likely to start looking for ways to get out of the box like a child trying to get out of its crib or play pen.

It is expected that a further effort at analysis by AUO will be made of the situation in an effort to remove restrictions. It would be anticipated, based upon eventual developments, that the concept of a meta reality would be worked out. Not necessarily in the same terms as used here as necessary for free will to obtain, but the same end result. The One Consciousness will attempt to discover a way that it can participate in a dialog with something other than itself. It will seek this for amusement and novelty or perhaps even think in terms of the reduction of disorder and entropy but those terms/words do not exist as yet nor do those meanings necessarily exist as yet. If you object to these terms as frivolous to apply to something as significant as AUO, even in its beginning stages, remember that these are metaphors for the primary principle of evolutionary exploration just as emergent complexity is another metaphor for the same thing. Self examination of the meta reality which has enabled AUO to have free will and become The One Consciousness will create the realization of a possible option. That will be to supply consciousness to the proto IUOCs that make up in their totality, their Union, AUO and The One Consciousness. Then watch their interactions and participate in their development.

Mathematics and computational ability have been or will be discovered. Probably not at all like our PMR concepts but functional. What can be done with it? Eventually the concept of connecting up proto IUOCs as the real IUOCs of the present and having them communicate with each other will be developed as an additional meta reality in addition to the one that created AUO. The computational abilities of AUO providing the 'environment' and the RWW serving as the communication link, all to create a new meta reality with free will. Initially there will not be much of an environment as AUO cannot conceive at this point of one much different than its own which to our knowledge will be very limited. There will be the opportunity for the IUOCs to communicate and develop information that they consider worth communicating about.

Onward to NPMR

We now have in hand all of the elements, the concepts, for the development of the first Virtual Reality that will be the first NPMR type VR. This will be a meta reality and thus there will be free will for the participating entities. What they will have to say to each other and their interactions is yet to be seen.

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