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The Big Computer is a metaphor for a subset of AUM that is used to describe the fundamental nature of the process and functionality (computation, memory, and rules) required to implement our reality (NPMRN, OS, PMR, etc.). The Big Computer does not represent anything mystical or magical, just a huge (but finite), fast, mundane number cruncher running excellent, but not perfect software.[MBT Trilogy 1]

It should be realized that the concept of The Big Computer is nothing but a metaphor for some subset of the totality of AUM and thus of a collection of IUOCs functioning together as interconnected over the RWW to proved the services attributed to The Big Computer. There are multiple such Big Computers, each serving a given System such as is designated as OS for the one which contains our PMR and linked NPMR. Some fraction of the total number of fundamental system cycles attributed to AUM are allocated within the total attributed to AUM as required to accomplish the required calculations to generate the associated NPMRs and PMRs. Realize that there is no aspect of the LCS which could be devoted to this computational purpose besides the IUOCs as there is nothing there but the IUOCs and the RWW. Other than the data bases maintained by the LCS, there is nothing else which comprises the LCS.

These data bases referred to are the Probable Future Database, the Actualized Past Database, and the Unactualized Past Database which are all calculated and stored within the LCS as maintained by The Big Computers. As choices are made by FWAUs (IUOCs taking the roles of FWAUs) in the present moment, The Big Computer increments time and updates the databases to reflect the choices made, moving the pointer of Now forward by one delta t, incrementing the designator of Now forward into the future, decrementing the Probable Future Database by one LCS delta t, converting the moment of time designated as Now based upon the choices of the FWAUs and incrementing the Actualized Past Database by one delta t increment. The Probable Future Database then automatically increments itself into the future, based upon the latest version of the Past Actualized Database and any significant additions made to the Unactualized Past Database are also made by The Big Computer.

On a more local level, the part of The Big Computer that deals with providing data streams to individual entities has been dubbed the VRRE. On a more cosmic level, the Even Bigger Computer (EBC) represents a super-set of The Big Computer that is used by all of AUM.

Keep in mind also that The Big Computer represents the interface between AUM or the LCS, as it might be appropriate to think of it in a given situation, and any given IUOC/FWAU as they participate within an NPMR or a PMR. Thus general direct Guidance can be provided to a given IUOC/FWAU in addition to that provided by designated Guides within NPMR to a dependent PMR.

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