The One Consciousness

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The Beginning of The One Consciousness

We have hopefully demonstrated an understandable pathway by which the primal energy of the Ultimate Reality of Consciousness Space can lead to the generation of the Absolute Unbounded Oneness by the same evolutionary forces which produce emergent properties in cellular automata as studied within PMR mathematics. We have also explained how the AUO has reached a point in its development where it provides a meta reality. As a meta reality existing in effect outside of the locked step rule set determined advance of the CS CA, we now have the opportunity for the existence of free will and additional potential for development that had not existed before. We still have the primal energy of the CS and the primary evolutionary process acting at all levels, testing every opportunity that opens up. With the existence of free will, we now have the two elements that Tom Campbell described as necessary for consciousness.

We have all of the ever increasing complexity of interaction of the proto IUOCs that are one functional element of AUO that with the other functional element of the RWW unites them all into a true Oneness and makes these universal scope interactions possible. We can recognize the value of the developing pattern matching abilities and we can also, from our prior study of cellular automata, predict the ability of various, if not all, proto IUOCs to perform the logic functions of boolean logic within themselves and upon the data which they interchange. What meaning may be attached to this interchanged data is beyond our knowledge. All of this must be created in the virtually unending cycles of the CS primal energy field which powers it all.

Bootstrapping To Consciousness

Ultimately there is a point beyond which 'human' consciousness as we exist here within PMR cannot go because the scope of our minds does not permit us to imagine much less understand the consciousness developing within AUO. We have limitations of scale that The One Consicousness does not have. Remember that IUOCs of the order of human minds are vastly many more than the present population of the billions of PMR earth. We also have components normal to our consciousness that it would be difficult to imagine any basis for within The One. On what basis would The One develop a sense of smell or taste. What would it touch or perceive of as its body and those types of physical sensations. Would it hear or even see or anything analagous to these senses. While those types of senses can no doubt be accessed now, certainly not then as The One Consciousness was first coming into being. The transition to that primordial kind of consciousness must remain beyond our comprehension. Indeed, knowledge of the transition to any kind of consciousness from its absence within some entity will be beyond us until PMR science creates a computer with the capability of becoming conscious and we thus have some kind of understanding of the 'birth process' as it were.

Thus we are ultimately left with Tom Campbell's simple metaphor to make the transition from the state before to the state after consciousness develops, no matter how much we can and have expanded on the original description. AUO 'bootstraps' itself somewhat like a modern computer loads its operating system until its full functionality is achieved by developing stages of functionality, one on top of another, which at some point results in a true consciousness and self awareness. It does not appear that this is information that The One Consciousness wishes to attempt to impart to us as human PMR participants and we are not in a position to figure it out for ourselves at present.

One speculation that could perhaps be made is that with the complexity of the intertwined and no doubt to some extent conflicting information sources and pathways that result from the vastness and complexity of AUO, at some point a conflict might result. If the sources of the conflict, presumably as some groupings of proto IUOCs, had individually developed a mapping of the nature of the totality of AUO it could be realized that the conflict was arising from different 'thought processes or paths' within the one consciousness being developed and a realization made somewhat of the nature of that's me, arguing with me, so what is going on here? Perhaps that could give some conception of a plausible path but that is sheer speculation. And if there were some such conflict, its probable resolution would likely be a still higher level analysis and logical process of choosing between these thought processes or forming an amalgamation of the results. We simply do not and probably cannot know. We as humans do not know the inimate internal details of our own thought processes but only that portion which comes through into our consciousness or is performed consciously. How could we comprehend the complexity and scope of the thought processes of such an entity as AUO as it develops The One Consciousness.

The One Consciousness

By necessary sleight of hand as the final 'bootstrapping' to consciousness, we have arrived at the beginning of what can be realistically called The One Consciousness, existing as AUO and powered by the primal consciousness energy of the reality cells and their interactions. We are ready to move on to contemplate the further adventures of AUO as it explores its potentials into the future.

Continuing the Historical Perspective on Tom Campbell's Model

Note that we have arrived at the point where all of the functionality observed from ancient times and referred to as Indra's Net has now been created, or rather developed, within the LCS. We have discussed and described all of those things which the Consciousness System makes available to mystics exploring the system. Not all information available, but all information historically described as clearly recognizable matches to Tom Campbell's model.

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