The Quickened Void

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Poised on the Brink of Primal Evolution: The Plenum or Quickened Void

The next stage, again visited by mystics for millennia, is much like the Void, but with an added tension or expectant feeling of being poised on the brink. The Void has now become the Plenum, full of possibility, waiting for something to happen, to begin. Alive with tension and feeling, poised for action, although nothing appears to be happening as yet. Something significant, although not readily perceivable in any specific detail, has occurred. The Void has been quickened and is now ‘pregnant with possibility’. There is now a future (but no past) and not just timelessness as we have disconnected from the timeless state of the Void. This is no longer perceptible as a timeless and static state. I would consider it analogous to the moment just before the ‘big bang’ postulated by PMR physics in which the Virtual Reality of PMR was initiated and the VR time begun. All of Ultimate Reality is now about to experience a development with time as change, defined by the cycling interactions of reality cells as time, is about to begin. The emptiness of the Void has now become a field of reality cells with random contents as perturbed or unperturbed cells. We are now, in our description, at the initial state, t = zero, just as the action, the real creation of our functioning Ultimate Reality as Consciousness Space, is about to come into being.

Keep in mind that as for the Void, the understanding and description of the Plenum will vary with differing viewpoints. We are here just acknowledging that there is a distinction between the two concepts and this is the way that the My Big TOE Model describes that difference.

This is the beginning of All That There Is as it comes into being out of randomness and the Void in the evolutionary process of Ultimate Reality as Consciousness Space. Consciousness does not yet exist but we have begun the long developmental process leading to the eventual appearance of Consciousness.

A Necessary Side Trip into Pure Mathematics

We now take a side trip into an exploration of some of the results developed from the considerations of pure mathematics within PMR that permit insight and a further understanding of Ultimate Reality and Consciousness Space. This trip is necessary to provide the background to understand the further developments that will be described here. This is written not as a mathematician so we really only generalize and would be considered to speculate but these insights do provide a clear view into the functionality of and development of Consciousness Space as modeled by Tom Campbell. The viewpoint from which this is written, is that pure mathematics does exist within NPMR and the CS in general. This existence is not as a created thing or even a discovered thing but as inherent to the nature of this Ultimate Reality. This, pure mathematics, being mathematical analysis here in PMR that is historically unrelated to ‘practical’ matters from the viewpoint of mathematicians. Over time however, aspects of pure mathematics as originally considered have been found to have applications within PMR and society. We believe that it is actually more that aspects of pure mathematics are inherent to the structure and reality and functionality of CS and what is being done here in PMR is discovering this functionality. The aspects of pure mathematics that are first seen as pertinent are cellular automata and topology which spring from the basic nature and structure of CS and of its existence as Ultimate Reality and are the system of arrangement of the intricate, interrelated parts of CS and how they interact. Then there is Boolean logic as it is inherent to the functionality of Consciousness at very basic levels as the reality cells interact to create Consciousness itself. Then there is fractal mathematics, basically the repeated application of a simple rule, that is also inherent to the functionality of both Consciousness and Consciousness Space at very basic levels plus fundamental in the design and structure, the calculation and representation of Virtual Realities, particularly of PMR types as has been observed by Tom Campbell. But our interest in these facets of mathematics is not that they are so much studied in PMR or NPMR as that they are inherent to the nature of CS and the VRs and their generation. Understanding them will prepare us for understanding the development of CS as explained in the My Big TOE Wiki.

First before further explanation, it is advisable for you to do a lot of side reading into these subjects that will contribute greatly to your understanding of this continuing explication. Here are links to pages providing information on the subjects mentioned from pure mathematics.

The Great Adventure Begins

The point in time in the evolution of our reality has now been reached as described by Tom Campbell when the reality cells have become mysteriously ‘activated’ and are about to begin to spontaneously interact on the basis of whatever rules by which they do so. Time is about to begin at its most fundamental level as clocked by the cycling interaction of the reality cells under some kind of simple rule set. The great adventure of Mind and Consciousness is beginning and we are poised upon the veritable brink of all existence. We now begin the description of the primal evolution of Ultimate Reality and eventually the coming into being of Consciousness Space. We are not yet there, but have the major piece required to begin the discussion. We have described the Void spontaneously being transformed into the Plenum at time t = 0. We have now the Plenum filled with reality cells filled with random data. All is ready for the great adventure to begin.

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