The True Absolute Unbounded Oneness

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This is a page for pulling together a clear statement of where we have arrived and of where we are going from here. Knowing clearly where you are and where you are going can represent progress.

The True Absolute Unbounded Oneness

We have in fact reached the true Absolute Unbounded Oneness or AUO. In Book 1, Section 2, Chapter 24, Page 191, Tom Campbell states that this finally achieved AUO is half of the required ingredients to grow a Big TOE, along with the fundamental process of evolution. We have been building to this point for some time from the Void to the Plenum to the potential energy of the field of reality cells of the primordial Consciousness Space and finally to the true AUO.

The emergent properties of the primordial consciousness space as a cellular automaton has been used as an evolutionary tool to totally unify the vastness inherent to all of CS. This has been done by dividing the totality into individual areas (presently referred to as proto IUOCs), no doubt of varying sizes as in number of reality cells involved, and interconnecting them by the use of the creation of the Reality Wide Web and appropriate sprites as data transport, evolved to work within the RWW aspect of the CS. This provides a 'global' or 'universal' means of communication as the RWW, replacing what would otherwise be limited to local communication. In the process, names as addresses have been invented and at least the primitive beginning of pattern recognition as a means of intercepting appropriate data being carried over the RWW.

This is a point of great significance which will be explained based upon the following new concept.

The Nature of a Meta Reality

Consciousness Space is the base reality, the Absolute Reality, of all existence. It consists of the field of reality cells which advances into the 'future' as a changing field of reality cells according to a rule set as a cellular automaton in 3 dimensions as has been discussed. Each state change plane as a primitive analogy for time is considered, based upon various performance characteristics, to be uniquely related to the previous and following state plane. Stated in another way, each state plane is deterministic relative to its 'adjacent' state planes as the just previous and the immediately following state planes, once these planes have been actualized by the passage of the present or Now state plane. This represents the primal energy of existence but it also represents a locked step progression with no aspect of either free will nor randomness.

With the achievement of the true reality state of AUO, we have created a meta reality which has properties in addition to those described for the Absolute Reality of CS. It in effect exists 'outside' of the base reality. It is an abstraction from the base reality. Each of the bounded regions of the emergent aspect of the CS referred to as proto IUOCs represents an area within which the base reality operates as a cellular automaton, on a fixed rule set. There are vast numbers of these regions and they exhibit a very wide range of properties. Whatever processing goes on within such a region, it is developing a primitive form of pattern matching to recognize data passing on the RWW that is 'of interest'. Alternatively, it is transmitting data based upon some tranformation worked upon incoming data which is retransmitted. These functionalities are assumed to be spreading based upon self organizing properties observed within complex systems. While there is at yet no conscious aspect to these interchanges of data, we have here a meta reality within which 'free will' can develop along with consciousness.

To explain further, each bounded region operates internally independently of all other bounded regions. Thus it may be considered to posess free will as to how it does its internal data processing as a cellular automaton and what it 'chooses' to receive as data from the RWW and to place as data onto the RWW. There may not be much in the way of choice in these actions at this initial point but it does represent an uncontrolled free will action. These interchanges of data will proceed based upon evolutionary principles to create a rich environment which will eventually result in consciousness. The consciousness of the One Consciousness.

It is in the nature of this situation for the primitive AUO constituting a meta reality, outside of the locked step progression within the base CS, that permits the free will aspect and the development of consciousness.

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