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Expanding the acronym VRRE

The acronym VRRE stands for the Virtual Reality Rendering Engine, based upon engineering and architectural Computer Aided Design programs or CAD programs. Such programs create a description of a 'design' within a data base defined entirely in technical terms in terms of lines, curves, surfaces, simulation of solid bodies that provide the detailed description of the design. Attached to/included within such computer programs are Rendering Engines which translate the completely abstract description of the design within the data base into a visual image on a computer screen that can be readily comprehended by a human being and provides the interface between the design within the computer and the human designer creating the design. A Rendering Engine can be made to show the over all design at its largest view of the whole and from a distance representing the limits of its design scale and also focused in to show the very smallest detail at the limits of its design range for minimal scale. Tom Campbell describes within My Big TOE how The Big Computer projects/creates the Virtual Reality of PMR into the future based upon probability calculations. The VRRE is a concept added on to the conceptual description of TBC to more clearly describe and explain the nature of our experience of PMR.

Notes on the Nature of Virtual Realities

Neither the reality you think you are experiencing now nor virtual realities in general exist ‘out there’. This is a point that is difficult but critical to realize and keep clearly in mind because of how we commonly experience our reality and ourselves. The dichotomy between ‘in here’ (mind-brain) and ‘out there’ (physical world) is embedded in our language as we speak of our experience of our selves and of our environment. They (and we) do not exist ‘externally’ even in the form of something like the “holodeck” of the Star Trek fictional reality or other science fiction creation. We do not move around in any kind of reality or simulation of reality ‘out there’. And the key points here are that ‘we do not move around’ and there is neither an ‘out there’ nor ‘in here’ as normally conceived. Whatever realities appear to exist, such as the apparently vast universe that we see with our optical, radio and x-ray telescopes, is a virtual reality that we perceive only within our consciousness.

Comments on our Perception of PMR

All that we perceive does exist, independent of us and based upon the probability cloud calculated within TBC, but our perception of and interaction with this VR is wholly created by our own interpretation of an incoming data stream and decisions made in reaction to that data stream. There is no ‘out there’ or ‘in here‘ with regards to our existence in a virtual reality in any sense. Even based on our virtual brains as they appear and are believed to be located in the PMR virtual reality, where our minds are presumed to exist based on PMR thinking, it is known that we cannot distinguish between data streams from ‘internal’ sources such as dreams and from ‘external’ sources. Our minds cannot distinguish between some ‘reality’ supposed to exist at face value and simulated virtual realities because that is all that really exists: simulated virtual realities as an incoming data stream. Reality as we experience it as an external reality is strictly a Virtual Reality, a simulation, experienced and interpreted within our own consciousness. Maya, or illusion, indeed.

That is all that is required for us to perceive a virtual reality as being ‘out there’; an appropriate incoming data stream and our ability to properly interpret it. This includes sensations that we perceive as being ‘in here’, as internal to our virtual bodies which again exist only as simulated sensations. Going in the other direction from the perception of the surrounding universe in our virtual reality into very small dimensions of reality, whether by using a microscope, an electron micro-scope or some kind of quantum device of modern physics, there is again no ‘in here’. Alternatively, by some form of introspection, looking within our own being, our own mind, there is again no 'in here' as we perceive ourselves as existing within our virtual reality bodies. Our minds, our true existence, as they actually exist and we can perceive them by introspection exist within Indra’s Net or the Reality Wide Web in Tom Campbell's terminology. How the apparent ‘out there’ and ‘in here’ are generated is the point of this discussion and much of the purpose of Ultimate Reality as it has been developed by The One Consciousness as AUM.

What Does the VRRE Do?

While we do not and possibly cannot as ‘humans’ know the technical details of the functions of this rendering engine that produces our detailed PMR experience, we can know significant aspects of its operation. Specifically think of the following aspects of our reality as modeled by Tom Campbell.

  • As IUOCs, we have no eyes as sense organs. So the VRRE delivers the data that would be provided by eyes to our IUOC as our mind, including all of the details of that aspect of the PMR rule set. This includes any kind of visual handicap or individual peculiarity as defined by the PMR rule set, including the effect of corrective lenses. Everything is included in the simulation. Our eyes as observed in PMR are as they are to match the PMR VR simulation. Consciousness leads and the PMR simulation follows in all aspects of the Virtual Reality.
  • As IUOCs, we have no ears as sense organs. So the VRRE delivers the data that would be provided by ears to our IUOC as our mind, including all of the details of that aspect of the PMR rule set. This includes balance and equilibrium aspects and changes in hearing as we age as part of the simulation.
  • As IUOCs, we have no organs nor neurology to provide our closely associated senses of taste and smell. The VRRE provides the data stream that is necessary to simulate the data stream that would be produced by our PMR simulated organs. This includes providing every aspect of these senses as they are controlled by the PMR rule set.
  • As IUOCs, we have no nerves producing sensations of touch or pain within our bodies. The complete physiology of our bodies is simulated by the VRRE and the resulting data stream is combined with all of these other data streams and sent to our IUOCs where they are evaluated and create our experience of existing on earth and according to all aspects of the PMR VR simulation.

The perhaps surprising aspect of the VRRE functions

Finally, note that while all the above represents a lot of data, there are 10^30 ticks of AUM's fundamental clock for every single tick of our own base level time clock here in PMR. And our own base level clock rate (Planck's Time) amounts to a minimum delta t of 5.391 06(32) X 10^−44 seconds, far below the minimum time increment of which PMR science can be aware and measure. So we are talking something like 10^30 X 10^44 = 10^74 cycles of the fundamental reality cells per second of our perception of time here in PMR.

So when we function at a rate that lets us perceive on the order of hundredths of a second (note that the flicker of fluorescent lights at 60 hertz here in America is not usually noticeable while at 50 hertz in Europe it is detectable to some persons) there are on the order of 10^72 fundamental LCS clock ticks to get the requisite data to us for each of our base clock ticks which are too short to be detectable by PMR science by many orders of magnitude.

With this in the background of our thinking, consider that our own internal thought processes as an IUOC are too rapid for us to follow. Thus there is another bit of fundamental conscious experience that must be provided to us by the VRRE. That is the thoughts of which we are actually conscious out of all that must in fact be considered and assessed within our minds as an IUOC. They are our thoughts but selected for relevance by the VRRE out of all of our internal thought stream. The same goes for our perception of bodily sensations as we are not necessarily aware of most bodily sensations as they are relegated to obscurity and unnoticeable as our attention is on something else. If the focus of our attention is strong enough, we can even be inattentive to pain.

  • The VRRE picks out an appropriate point for us to be conscious of out of all that data impinging on our digital minds and feeds us what we should be most aware of in PMR at that time. Sometimes it makes an error that can appear as a neurological problem or sometimes it makes a processing error. Thus Suzanne Segal perceived her point of vision as being a foot or so behind and to the left of her actual eyes and received no internal thoughts for an extended period of time.

Final Thoughts on this model of our Reality

This model by Tom Campbell provides a model of our reality that is both consistent with those metaphorical models of mystics and metaphysicians of all ages and cultures. It is also consistent with and expands past models and thinking into the terms of modern science and mathematics. It particularly provides insight into the extension of scientific understanding represented by the special theory of relativity developed by Albert Einstein. It also provides insight into the understanding of quantum mechanics as developed by many contributors as it allows an understanding of the bridging from the fractal level described for PMR by QM as information to the source of that information as within the Larger Consciousness System by way of The Big Computer and the Virtual Reality Rendering aspect of TBC.

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