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  • Have you read the Trilogy by Tom Campbell, My Big TOE and more than once? Over 4 times.
  • Are you a Forum member and post regularly and with high quality posts on the Forum? I am the Forum administrator and post often. Some like my posts.
  • Have you demonstrated a good command of the concepts within My Big TOE? Yes, according to Tom Campbell
  • Are you either a good speller or familiar with spell checkers and their effective use? I have more problems with fumble fingers as I age further and could not live without my spell checker.
  • Do you have an academic background or otherwise have a good command of editorial or formal writing? I received a Ph. D. from Clemson University and most of the writing I do is foraml. See my web site at
  • Can you refrain from 'texting' shortcuts and general poor quality writing and chatting? Say What?
  • Can you dedicate sufficient time to the project that you can also monitor Discussion pages? Yes.
  • Have you read the Help Manual for MediaWiki that is our present standard for creating the Wiki? Yes. Do I understand all the BS? I'm working on it.
  • Are you prepared to try to overcome any deficits you might have to be fully effective? Yes.
  • Are you prepared to work in relative obscurity without the ability to display your personality? Yes.