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The Virtual Reality Rendering Engine is an aspect or sub function of TBC as a part of Tom Campbell's My Big TOE model of reality. TBC generates the experience of the VR on the basis of a probability based fractal calculation projecting the future of the VR, state cycle by state cycle. As a specific entity, whether single celled organism, a cockroach or a human or equivalent experiences, makes an observation in the QM sense of a conscious observation, the VRRE aspect of TBC creates their specific data stream that creates their specific experience that comes to them as an IUOC. That is, with their specific perspective representing all aspects of their VR being and experience such as physical and mental abilities or disabilities, height, location, etc.[MBT Forum 1]

Only those Fractal Levels of the VR which can be observed by that specific VR participating entity need be or are rendered into the production of that data stream. Unless a telescope is employed, only lights in the sky are rendered. Unless a microscope is employed, only dirty water in the puddle is rendered. Unless a quantum level sensing apparatus is employed, only probability based patterns are rendered versus a quantum level observation as a collapsed probability field. [1]

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  1. Original introduction by Tom Campbell on the My Big TOE Bulletin Board Forums.

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